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File: image0.jpg (44270b, 234x236)
for people who don't know how to behave:

- no pornography
- no gore
- do not spam (on purpose I'm still fixing this shit)
- do not try and make the board worse for other users

- have fun

File: sofresh.jpg (44491b, 587x676)
Ayo stay fresh my niggas. Like this guy. Man how he so fucking fresh?
that's one fresh nigga

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yeah nice try faggot

File: KelThuzad.jpg (163545b, 601x790)
brought this fella to perfom some spells to revive this board
he was stuck in some traffic but is here now. dont use apostrophes in ur file names
File: image'magick.gif (28576b, 640x480)
oh yeah?
watch me

all rise for the anthem
File: bi48d704dko51.jpg (15736b, 468x352)
you motherfucker i clicked on that shite

File: fishing.jpg (50763b, 738x618)
What a lad! Someone has to put them in their place.

Based guy but I can't take people who say "lad" seriously
how about fella?

File: 946b9ac2affaa8525e3c09d857be91c0.jpg (24954b, 500x311)
hello i need a recommendation for a new mouse
File: respectable gent.jpg (672319b, 1500x1600)
I recommend this young man
- dressed well
- looks like a respectable gent
- is probably called reginald
File: pulsefire_surge.jpg (30653b, 1000x887)
Personally I would recommend the hyper X pulsefire surge. Treated me well. Not to heavy, nice feel, RGB. It has lasted me 2 1/2 years np.
What's more. Pokimane and Shroud use this mouse.

File: gaysit.jpg (100848b, 1024x532)
You hate to see it!
you are correct i hate to see women

File: sleep tight mabba.jpg (24262b, 474x315)
Thank you for being you. You're the best!
mabel gonna sleep with that tight ass
if it werent for mabba id be a convicted CPer ❤

File: Flame_Dragon.jpg (141796b, 1071x727)
What an episode! No more dragon. I can't wait until we see more of tits mcgee.
File: titter.jpg (10837b, 177x285)
File: kv2.jpg (98513b, 850x601)
is girls und panzer like gate? if its alot of tanks and not much women moment that would be cool to watch
File: 1410858261331.png (2285150b, 1114x1200)
yes girls und panzer is a lot like gate we should definitely watch it
can we shoot chibi usa with the 152mm howitzer
chibi usa getting shot with a 34mm shell contravening international law. to find out more google chibi usa rule 34

File: 276.gif (2688b, 60x60)
anybody able to find an 11 mark question on linked lists for ocr
11 marker wtf
>what is a linked list
>11 marks

what do?

Low-key not having a great time rn

File: meat-png-36759.png (1549884b, 4456x3654)
fixed pog?

File: image_2021-04-22_231505.png (224441b, 267x400)
Nice Post!
That 900 year old pussy hit different. sheesh!
los pusse
Can't say im much of a pussy man myself.
File: image_2021-04-24_163800.png (158745b, 298x298)
When pussy is wet. idk I didn't take biology

File: thumb trick.png (371363b, 500x364)
watch me go
WTF How!

File: image_2021-04-22_231714.png (806351b, 640x683)
soon brothers
Mushallah! Brave Mujahadin warriors!
oh so you're crewmate? name the five pillars of Islam

File: funny-cat-pics.jpg (38521b, 540x719)
the beginning of the end
The end of the beginning
The beginning of the beginning

File: image_2021-04-14_213338.png (208198b, 636x358)
Y'all hype for white boys summer?
File: 1568541648436.jpg (83032b, 688x688)
not on.
What did he mean by this?
just gotta feeling it's gonna be a white boys summer

File: zxp.png (476708b, 600x631)
we could have watched another episode.

File: new anime.jpg (83281b, 626x432)
What are your guy's thoughts? I quite liked it. 120,000 dead. Oof!
los boobos
too many women don't ate em just don't like em

File: frog4.jpg (44948b, 910x910)
I fear my internet service provider may be onto my schemes
I will switch it to HTTPS and then they will never know

File: cat at dento.jpg (84447b, 768x628)
I don't wanna go to the dentist :(
I dont want it to end
me too buddy

File: azurill.gif (59976b, 33x72)
hello everyone
who is this

File: saila mun.jpg (11156b, 318x159)
Remember 9:30pm start prompt!
File: sailor pepsi.png (818115b, 1600x3083)
saior pepusi

File: med.jpg (73897b, 1280x720)
why cant we go back to when spelling didnt matter so long as it sounded about right
File: walk away.gif (66267b, 112x112)

File: chocken.jpg (131345b, 1728x1728)
Nice post

File: image0-31.png (1651071b, 750x1056)
I start
>how I meet my gf (in the future)
Take your meds
k schitzerino
google how i find poggers gf with vast mother milkers?
Take your meds
File: odd.png (972832b, 874x527)

File: happy_kermit.png (699806b, 733x496)
gonna kms
wheres proof
send pics

File: clowm.jpg (457402b, 1920x1080)
i could not get this shit out of my head in a test today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-evDDNxMpM

Do you guys like your cans gurthy or thin
We agreed no faces
go back to reddit
what faces is this a streamer i think
ok fag

File: Joe as a cat.jpg (60109b, 500x389)
Anyone want to go to the gym 3am tomorrow?
File: joe.gif (125293b, 220x161)
File: much cute.jpg (14198b, 265x190)
sorry i will be having my morning run then
File: kanas breakfast.gif (1984890b, 540x360)
File: Kannapoclyipse.gif (2394887b, 480x269)
File: image_2021-04-14_230209.png (933874b, 958x958)

File: joe.png (56263b, 251x197)
this is a duck
hi joe
Joe is a goose you fool

File: cute (3).jpg (5443b, 222x225)
How to comment?
click 'No' to go to the thread.
back button pog thanks mab
gabriel stop duplicating your threads retard
cute (3)

very poggers
but what are the other cutes

File: image_2021-04-14_211355.png (331681b, 743x595)
eat shit

File: FatLizard.jpg (174802b, 750x917)
Fat lizard
chonkey boy!
nah he's bulking
nah he's bulking
nah he's bulking
he needs to do leg and arm day stat!
he has been bulking for too long

File: get retarded.jpg (2483131b, 3024x4032)
In this context, there's no disrespect
So when I bust my rhyme, you break ya necks
we do get a little retarded in here

File: sit nomine digna.png (120872b, 1200x600)
Sit nomine digna!
we'll keep them north of the zambezi till that rivers running dry
File: a.png (302134b, 800x753)
isn't that where mabba is from?

File: Screenshot_20210310-212120.png (946018b, 2048x1279)
penis penis penis penis penis
Why put anonymous when this is clearly isaac

File: image_2021-04-14_095628.png (54124b, 300x168)
why does every picture of George Floyd look like a shitpost
Momma would never say that

thanks for btinging him in

File: ds.jpg (66631b, 760x500)
post ur favs
File: heheheh.jpg (62418b, 615x409)
Interior crocodile alligator
File: assad.jpg (3485b, 265x190)
i drive a chevrolet movie theatre
File: movie theatre.jpg (36515b, 600x474)
Watch me go!

File: shalom.jpg (76975b, 1057x1090)
my bal hurt
File: espajo.jpg (25054b, 400x400)
me too man
die kike
File: fyck greg.png (273396b, 377x670)
penis penis penis

File: hoo hee.jpg (77135b, 720x900)

File: Ok fine.png (52210b, 801x801)
You will never know!
File: image_2021-04-13_233601.png (54634b, 399x400)
please don't hurt me
File: immunity Cat Omega.jpg (97355b, 584x599)
nice try!

File: grabba.gif (472567b, 498x375)
didn't happen
File: joe is a massive fag.jpg (1665566b, 3264x2448)
File: buz.gif (1634191b, 640x432)
rip our careers

File: owain body.jpg (200166b, 1372x1065)
can i get some feedback on my OC
I don't like it
fuck you
File: huuuuuuuuugugug.jpg (6048b, 268x188)
get real

File: Gay shit.gif (2742359b, 576x432)
File: tenor.gif (1298142b, 498x337)
captain its wednesday tmrw
File: pupper drink.gif (1410622b, 675x380)
I need a drink
File: coge.jpg (132063b, 707x494)
yet im not alllowed conke
share a drink with me
File: vodka.jpeg (40704b, 540x539)
No with me
File: ok.gif (125267b, 120x126)
File: zxp.png (476708b, 600x631)
just a sippe

File: boo hoo.gif (1307902b, 400x400)
Did somebody get a little trolled?
File: nopers.gif (23771b, 112x112)
go away
File: hqdefault.jpg (19227b, 480x360)
chibi usa rule 34

File: prawns.gif (46611b, 498x468)
what if mabel working on the server corupts the child prawn collection what will we do
we do a little child pornography
no we don't
ok maybe a little
File: Agent hitler (FBI).jpg (36844b, 800x450)
stop right there!
shit run!
i cannot run the CP is weighing me down
hitler please, it was only a little child pornography

File: shirt.png (512719b, 658x574)
as one of the guardians top 1% readers globally i can confirm the legitimacy of their claim

File: sailor moon.jpg (135606b, 1200x676)
Same time tommorow?
File: pew.png (260903b, 827x627)
we do a little shooting
File: vlcsnap-2020-11-05-23h01m33s396.png (492142b, 720x540)

File: hoo hee.jpg (77135b, 720x900)

File: 20201016_163344.jpg (2958773b, 4128x3096)
bal hurt
File: 1617927910788.png (469226b, 635x637)
it never ends

File: hoo hee.jpg (77135b, 720x900)
File: 1617927182332.jpg (19542b, 256x256)

File: Screenshot_20210307-235018.png (1585355b, 2048x1568)
My bal hurt

File: image_2021-04-12_232842.png (375185b, 1086x611)
somebody should do something

File: 1615632967190.jpg (15184b, 438x438)
helo everyone
kit kat